Real Time Support for Your Employees

Back Office Geeks can connect to you wherever you are through your Internet connection to any of your devices. We can drive a solution to your problem from our keyboard to yours, with your permission. Most of the time, we can solve the problem within 15 minutes, and if it’s just a simple question, there’s no charge.


Real-time support means help when you need it.

Problems happen in real-time, and sometimes little things can bring a workday to a complete halt. Our helpdesk and technicians have ways to help quickly.

Many ways to get help

    • Call a central number
    • Email
    • Click on a support icon on your computer’s taskbar to open a ticket.
    • Chat
    • Visit their exclusive portal page to open a ticket or see the status of a ticket
    • Back Office Geeks help desk portal

Users can update and manage their own tickets through their website portal

    • Managers can see all tickets.
    • Accounts payable through the portal – pay bills online.
    • Create a new ticket and see the status of your ticket. Any of your users can get their own personal access to the portal.

Get a response within an hour

    • Get access to all levels of support through the helpdesk
    • First response within an hour

Remote Support

Back Office Geeks Remote Support services are intended to reach an employee’s desktop at the point that they are having a problem, to clear the problem, and make them productive again. 

Having things break in the middle of a workday is a regular occurence, and for us, fixing them is equally as common.


On Site Support

Our goal is to remedy problems without having to make a site visit, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Back Office Geeks is willing to send a tech onsite to fix a problem or implement a solution to prevent a future problem.

Custom Support

Your business and your application determine what type of support your employees need.

We can create a support scenario that is best for your applications, locations, and employee skills.


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