Network Management

Control, Safety, and Compliance for the Office

Your company network is the lifeline of your office and your business. Now that cloud-based services are also an important part of your business, your network is that much more critical to your success.

All the Tools You Need for a Secure Network

Back Office Geeks can provide all of the tools that you need for a secure network.

Provided by outside service organizations, get the state of the are in network security including a SOC (Security Operations Center) to watch all of your assets all of the time.

We also offer state-of-the-art anti-virus software solutions from a variety of vendors.


Documenting the Network

Back Office Geeks will perform an evaluation of your network, to record the current state of the network, and all aspects of its configuration, including areas of potential weakness.

With this study, we can pinpoint areas of improvement and create a framework for compliance, which is something that will be updated over time.

How Good is Your ISP?

The network needs to be safe, but it also needs to perform.

Back Office Geeks can install services that will discover any problems you may be having with your Internet Service Provider. If you are going to use VOIP services, an evaluation of this type will be vitally important to you. Migrating to a cloud storage solution? ISP bandwidth availability will make or break it.

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