Servers and Hosting

Your own application servers are probably at the heart of your business. Just like anything, they perform better when they are watched over. Few companies experience the catastrophic meltdown of such an important asset, but there are epic stories of the disaster that ensues when they do fail.

The secret is to 1) keep an eye on them and 2) have a disaster recovery plan ready should that suddenly become unavailable. Back Office Geeks will work with you to consult on your server strategy, take over the daily monitoring and management of your servers, and/or get involved when you have a problem.

Server Management

This is at the heart of what geeks do. We take care of servers, including planned and emergency maintenance. This can include backup services that can improve on traditional tape and disk backups.

Server Monitoring

We can put your servers on our monitor. We’ll watch things like disk space, memory usage, processor usage and network response time. If we are also managing the server, we’ll take actions, probably before you know anything is wrong.

Cloud Hosting

When we talk about cloud hosting, we refer to server hosting alternatives that eliminate single points of failure. Cloud hosting is usually less expensive than dedicated hosting services.

Server Migration

Do you want to move to the cloud? Found a better hosting solution? Back Office Geeks can help you find that better solution and then move into it.

Let's get to work.