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Online Tools for Marketing Teams

Analytics, Seach Engine Consoles, Webmaster Tools, and Search Engine Directories represent a few ways that Marketing teams can interact with search engines. Integrating these tools with your web properties is absolutely essential if you are going to realize a return on your web spending budget. Back Office Geeks can provide this service or assist an existing team with these tasks.

Our team can handle all or part of a product development lifecycle



Setting up Analytics reporting for a website property can get complex depending on what events you are trying to capture. A well-integrated Analytics tool can produce reports that benefit all parts of an organization.

Search Engine Essentials

There are lots of ways to interact with Search Engines to manage how your websites show up in the search results and to measure the success of your website in the outside world. Back Office Geeks can help you set up these tools as well as manage them when needed.

search engine essentials

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