Back Office IT Services

All of these Geeky services are the important underpinnings of the services that you use every day. Geeks put these services in place to make your technical world possible. How these services are put in place and managed determine how well they perform and if they are at risk for failure.


DNS and Domains

DNS and Domains are the crown jewels of your empire. They dictate the workings of your website, applications, and email. How do you manage these assets? We have some suggestions and services.

Servers and Hosting

Your company needs a fair amount of computing power, and it also needs ongoing care to ensure that it doesn’t fail. If there is a risk of failure, then there needs to be a disaster recovery plan in place. Back Office Geeks


You may need to move your applications for several reasons, but these days a lot of companies are migrating to the cloud. Migrating is a process that involves the entire organization and needs to be well timed. There may be training involved, and perhaps a period of time when the old and the new systems are working together. Or it may be easy. Call us and find out.

Let's get to work.