Keep your team working and productive, in the office or out.


Get the support that you need

Back Office Geeks can run your entire back office and provide desktop support to your staff.

We employ tools that allow us to have visibility into your cloud based or office based back office infrastructure. In most cases, we can see a problem before it becomes one.

We can also connect to your desktop from the cloud, help you solve problems without having to be on site. This service can extend to mobile devices, if you need it.



Make your apps work for you

The applications that are best for your organization are those that:

  • Have all the features that you and your staff need,
  • Are able to let you work anywhere on all of your devices (computers and mobile devices) , and
  • Offer the best in class security measures

We believe that today’s cloud based applications offer more functionality, more security (not less as some believe), at a lower cost per seat than an in-house solution, if you take into consideration the cost of back room operations.  If you can’t rely entirely on cloud applications, we can also support your hosted applications.


Manage the geeky back office stuff

It’s likely that, if you have a smooth running back office, there is a geek involved, somewhere. Somewhere a geek is doing the following for your company:

  • Managing your domains and DNS
  • Managing the servers where your files are stored
  • Monitoring those servers for issues and fixing problems
  • Backing up your data and files
  • Putting security measures into place to protect your electronic assets

If you need a geek in a hurry, we can help. Back Office Geeks can jump in if you having a problem, or we can schedule a call to design a service that best fits your current situation. Give us a call.


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