How We Work

The real questions is how do you work?


The Service Delivery Process. Wow, does that sound boring.


Keep in mind that the process guarantees that you get what you pay for and that we go into this with expectations being known.

Back Office Geeks, LLC has a vested interest in determining the exact service that you need.

The following Study and Proposal process is formal – meant for our main involvement in a complete service. However, we will produce a Statement of Work as a basis for our work services.

Initial Proposal and Examination

In this phase we will collect information and, together, we will determine the services that your organization needs. Unless we agree otherwise, the initial phase is free.

Initial Study

The purpose of the Initial Study is to understand the current state of the IT environment. We will inventory or examine:
  • How users and IT infrastructure are managed
  • Network equipment in use
  • Applications in use by the organization, including cloud applications
  • Current documentation in place
  • Examine security measures in place

Analysis and Proposal

After the Initial Study, we will present our findings and discuss what improvements could be implemented or what services could be put in place to improve the environment.
After we have a clear understanding of the needs of the organization, we will prepare a Proposal and Statement of Work outlining your requirements, the services to be provided, and the Service Level Agreement for those services.
Once agreed upon and signed, we will commence work.


Onboarding is a term to refer to all the projects that need to be completed to lead up to the Production phase.

These projects can be technical, involving the installation of tech services and processes, or it can involve training employees or technicians on apps and support practices.

Once completed, most of the improvements sought in the proposal phase will be in place.


Once in the Operations Phase, we’ve created policies that will determine who does what on a periodical basis.

One of these processes involves the periodic review (perhaps quarterly)  of operations that could require adjustment of the original agreement. These reviews are meant to be effective meetings of managers and high-level stakeholders.

If Back Office Geeks will be assuming the role of Helpdesk for servers and/or employee desktop and laptop computers, we will install monitoring software that will allow us to remotely manage those machines.


Let's get to work.