Custom Application Support

Helping to plug holes in the support of your most important application

Most “enterprise” applications are supported by their vendors. Sometimes that support can fall short or be too expensive. Back Office Geeks may be able to fill in the support gaps that your vendor leaves.

Custom Applications

We are calling them Custom Applications, but these applications may not be custom at all.

They are:

    • Applications that are very important and integral to the running of your organization or company
    • Specialized to the industry that you work in
    • Are critical to the point that they need to be available all of the time
    • Are usually the most expensive to run and support applications that you use
    • Involve special configurations of equipment, printers, workstations, and servers.
    • Are difficult to support because of the complexity of operation
Did I miss anything? This software runs an important part of your organization, so it takes a prominent space in IT.

Back Office Geeks Custom Application Support Services

Back Office Geeks can help support these applications by:
    • Taking over a part of the support that needs timely responses, such as printer queue issues, or password resets.
    • Assist in the onboarding or offboarding of employees to the application.
    • Managing equipment that is integrated with the application that needs support and configuration, like printers or scanners
    • Supporting endpoints that require special configurations
    • Working with the vendor of the software to diagnose and solve problems that crop up from time to time

If you need help supporting your users with this type of application, chances are that we can help. Call us and let us know what you need.

Supporting Users in the Field

Staying productive is the name of the game. Users in the field (wild?) need the right level of support to be productive and without compromising security. Back Office Geeks can supplement your support of complex or custom applications.

We have enough experience to know that, even though an enterprise level application is expensive does not mean that the support for that app is good.

Back Office Geeks can help fill in those support gaps.


Make Security A Top Priority

Maintaining “compliance level” security on any application is difficult, much less the complex, enterprise level application.

In these types of applications, users are assigned roles, roles are assigned priveledges, and there may be some other security factors on things like store or location. After that, users need to have a rigorous password that needs to be changed every 60 or 90 days.

These are not measures that users like.

Back Office Geeks can help you manage the securoity burden, providing a resource to keep the user base current and creating documents that you will need to provie compliance.



Getting More Out of Your Custom Application

Sometimes we are asked to explore ways to get more functionality out of a custom application. 

If the application can be integrated with a Cloud Application, we can often help (ie. saving files to OneDrive or Google Drive). Without being specific, there are usually ways that we can find to enhance or find enhancements to a complex application, for additional functionality, performance, or security.

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