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Cyber threats are already at your doorstep, but we can help you with that.


We live in a time where hacking is a multibillion dollar global industry. And, as an industry, the methods that they use are often more advanced, or at least more persistent, that the counter measures employed by most small businesses.
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Defining Your Risk

Establishing the potential risk of your organization to attacks or data compromise will help you determine how much time and money to devote to improving your security.

Ransomware attacks have become common because they have become profitable for the perpetrators. What would your organization do if all of your data suddenly became unavailable? This may start you down the road of thinking how costly that would be for you.

If your security procedures are subject to outside scrutiny, such as a medical office, a financial firm, or a business that accepts credit cards, your security measures have large been defined for you.

The Cost of a Security Breach

In their annual report on The Cost of a Data Breach, IBM states that the average cost per breach in 2021 was $.24 million. To quote another, perhaps more accurate cost for breaches, cites a similar study that business breaches cost from $100,000 to $1.24 million.

The complete cost estimates in the IBM report come from:

  • Detection and Escalation of the problem
  • Notifying Authorities, partners, and customers of the breach
  • Lost business or lost customers
  • Post breach costs, including credit reporting costs for affected customers, regulatory fines, and legal expenditures

Where do the attacks start?

IBM reports that most attacks come from compromised credentials (stolen or exposed logins), and then, probably due to compromised credentials, business email compromises are the most costly attacks.

In addition, it takes organizations almost 7 months to discover that they have a breach, on average.

Back Office Geeks Security Solutions

Back Office Geeks wants to help you define your risk and then present ways to address that risk.

Back Office Geeks Monitoring

As a core part of our services, we do the following:

  • Study your network, applications, devices, and data stores to determine what improvements can be made with the assets you’ve already invested in. 
  • We look at the practices that you have in place to see if changes are needed, and if so, what it would take to “raise the bar” to a level that is secure and compliant.
  • If we provide support services, we will put monitoring services in place to track the state of assets in place. Our monitoring can be very detailed, and track things like low toner in printers, whether a current workstation is active or not, and if website or online assets are working.
  • If you are having issues with email, we can put measures in place to mitigate that problem and help you train employees on recognizing problems before they click. Read more on our Cloud Services Support page.

We offer solutions that are best in the industry and available to you in a cost-effective package of services. We can then assist you or IT organization implement those services and manage them over time.

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Computers used by employees are a major entry point for attacks. Back Office Geeks can provide many different types of endpoint security, including:


User Training

Training users on how to identify threats and deal with them can mitigate a large number of attacks.

We have solutions to prepare employees for phishing attacks and mobile devices attacks.

These training solutions can be extended to provide the required periodical compliance training your organization may need for HIPAA or PCI.



Like Endpoints, Servers need to have a competent plan to patch, update, monitor, and secure.

Firewall protection and standard A/V solutions are a bare minimum of protection for a critical repository of information, Back Office Geeks can provide a number of different solutions to protect your server assets, and keep you safe and compliant.



Back Office Geeks wants to help you build an umbrella of protection over your organization, and then, if needed, help you manage that operational burden.

Considering the Company as a whole is not a small consideration, and can be overwhelming if your organization needs to be compliant with outside authorities. Back Office Geeks can help with PCI or HIPAA related requirements.

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