How much disk storage do I need?

These days most traditional computers – laptops and desktops – come with 1 TB (terabyte) hard drives. But do you need this much space? By my own experience, no. Unless you’ve amassed a fair amount of purchased music, or unless you carry around a great deal of pictures, you probably need no more than 100 GB of disk space. Typical business users, which means that you are storing business documents like spreadsheets and word processing documents, need far less than 50 GB. That 1 TB drive will be filled with nothing.

That’s why, for business users, cloud drives services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are so attractive. They are sold in increments that seem small compared to your laptop drive, but that’s all you need. 

If you still doubt that cloud storage can satisfy your business storage needs:

  • If you buy Office365, you can have 1 TB of OneDrive storage space. Yes, you can have a whole terabyte of storage. That’s 1000 GB. Try and fill that up. If you are a Windows user and are a diehard MS Office user, this would be good for you because OneDrive is so tightly integrated with Windows.
  • If you use Google Drive, and you use their Google Sheets and Google Docs, you, theoretically, have infinite space. Storage of those types of documents on Google Drive do not count as storage.

That should be quite enough storage for most people.

Let's get to work.