Managing Other Office Systems

Phone, Fax, Printers, Scanners - It all matters


Back Office Geeks can provide monitoring and/or management of other office systems. We encourage our customers to have support services from their main vendor, but we will provide assistance as needed because the systems that we are talking about:


    1. Are connected to the network, and
    2. Are important to the productivity of employees.

We will optimize he network for the presence of these systems as we will help you determine how they are attached to the network.

VOIP Systems

VOIP systems need to have priority over other traffic. Once connected and set, they should be stable. Challenges happen when the network or your ISP have problems. Diagnosing those problems can take time.

Setting or changing call handling can be complicated, depending on how you want to handle calls. 

It’s assumed that your carrier will provide support, and Back Office Geeks will be secondary when issues arise.



Printers are also attached to the network, but the bulk of their problems are accociated with supplies, computer software and drivers, and their internal software.

Back Office Geeks can monitor printers for supplies, drum life, and other important supply factors for you to be aware of problems that could make the printer unusable.

Back Office Geeks will be available to address printer issues, but will strongly encourage that you have a printer service provider will provide support. Back Office Geeks will provide secondary when issues arise. 

Other Systems

There is a myriad of other equipment that you may need assistence with, and we can discuss how Back Office Geeks can play a role in that.

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