Building a Minimum Viable Product

Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a lower-cost, faster-to-market product development strategy. The MVP has the core functionality of your application that can be used to test your concept with potential customers and investors. Call it what you will – alpha, beta, phase 1 – the MVP puts your concepts into reality.

Here are a couple of things to consider if you want to build an MVP:

  • Do you have an overall concept about the market niche that you are pursuing? Will the MVP lead to that ultimate goal? It may be important for us to know what your longer-term goals are so that we don’t have to throw away the MVP investment to reach the next phase.
  • The MVP may be a basic, perhaps more simple version of your app, but your users will still need support, and you will still need to manage the service. Have you considered the “back end” interface for your support team?
  • How will you market the MVP to users? Do you want it to be secret, or will there be a public-facing website? Can you afford to leave the “front door” open and let users sign up without intervention?
  • What time zones will you be working in? Will network latency be an issue? How about additional language support?


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