The Service Delivery Process

Wow, does this sound boring.

But keep in mind that it guarantees that you get what you pay for, and that we go into this with our eyes open. There are pieces that are needed to be in place before your website is ready or for your cloud services to be useful to you and your team.

Before you do business with us, we have a vested interest in you selecting the right amount of service. How does that matter?

We provide do-it-yourself service levels if you have the time, the will, and want to save money. If the do-it-yourself service is not right for you what we end up with is an unfinished project. That’s not good for you or Back Office Geeks. We want you to get the website or service that is right for you, and we’ll show you what it takes to bring it in at the cost that makes sense for you.

You’ve signed up and assigned some people and time to the project. Now we will schedule those resources to finish this project. What collaboration tools does your team use? Who will be held accountable for the delivery of content or information? Who is in charge? Are we all on the same page?

Back Office Geeks will be your project manager for all services – a single touch point to all involved parties.

After your services are live or in production, we stick around to make sure it works the way you want. We also offer a number of services that can be the foundation of a successful website or service going forward, such as:

  • Website analytics – How’s that new website working out for ya? Do you want to find out?
  • Ongoing services and maintenance – We can host your website, back it up, and keep an eye on it for you.
  • Support – Will you need assistance as time goes on? We can be there with you.

We Collaborate