Case Study - Regional Law Firm - Family Law

Full website and email

This law firm is in a very competitive space in the area – family law. The partner needed to create a website that could be engaging to customers referred to them as well as attractive to search engines.


Once a potential customer has found their website, the firm needs to establish trust and credibility, and then create the interest to call or contact the firm. Back Office Geeks built a website that allow them to post helpful information, as they see fit, with the intent that a helpful website may be visited multiple times before a person decides to contact the firm.

Local Pages Management

In a competitive space such as theirs, they can anticipate that Google will present local search results to users as well as results from other local directories, like Yelp. We help them create and optimize their local directory entries for their chosen practice area.

Email Migration

So that the firm’s email domain would match their website domain, Blue Sky created their Google Apps for Work account, and provides support to their employees, when they need it.

Ongoing Management

As part of their service, Blue Sky Web provides a number of ongoing services, including:

Google Analytics
Domain management
Software updating (required with WordPress)

Let's get to work.