Case Study - Handy Maam

Full website, email, managed services

Handy Ma’am is a small contractor firm that does a variety of renovation and handy man jobs in the San Francisco Easy Bay. They had a great brand image, but no way to capitalize on that image.


Handy Ma’am adopted Rosie the Riveter into their brand identity, causing them to redesign their website. We adapted their previous design to include the new images and optimized their pages for local search.

Local Pages Management

Google and Bing had some local pages for Handy Ma’am, but they had never been claimed by them. Back Office Geeks claimed the pages on their behalf, and refined them with the proper categories and information.

Email Migration

Before they met Back Office Geeks, Handy Maam was know by their generic name in a email address.

The firm wanted an email identity to match their website, so we migrated their email to Google Apps for Work from Yahoo.

Ongoing Management

As part of their service, we provide a number of ongoing services, including:

Google Analytics
Domain management
Software updating (required with WordPress)

Let's get to work.