Real Time Support

Back Office Geeks can connect to you wherever you are through your Internet connection to any of your devices. We can drive a solution to your problem from our keyboard to yours, with your permission. Most of the time, we can solve the problem within 15 minutes, and if it’s just a simple question, there’s no charge.

We can build a support plan that works for you, from pay-as-you-go break fix services to proactively managed services, or a combination of the 2.

We use a number of tools to help us communicate with your team, or your servers, in real time. In addition, we will create an intra-net website, where your employees can find their own help information.

How About Support for Your Customers?

Developing an app or a website for your customers? We can build a custom support environment for your customers. We’ll log all of the issues and send you a report on what goes wrong, or right.

We want you to have the same level of service that big companies provide to their employees and customers. The best tools and the best support – that’s what you deserve.

Let's get to work.